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Undressed to Kill: The Investigations of Ralphy

ISBN-13: 978-1477696354

​To Ralphy everything in life was a mystery, including life itself. He made it his business to survey the aspects of everyday life, that were beyond the scope of others and often Ralphy himself. A thinker and a lover, a tough guy and a philosopher; he aspired to be all of these and none. Ralphy was the city’s first, and only, existential Private Eye. Short in both height and intellect, Ralphy nevertheless embraces the absurdity of his position, staring at life through the bottom of a glass. Aided and abetted by his lethal and gorgeous secretary-cum-partner Rachel, Ralphy takes on, and solves, the strangest of cases. The High-Brow Detective Agency is established in a town that seethes with danger and sex; a place awash in alcohol and sin. Take a blackmailed husband and a little-bo-peep impersonator, then mix in an adulterous car salesman and his circus-folk kin. Add a death via the medium of chambermaid, toad loving revengers, a lethal meeting with a true femme fatale and a time-out for analysis; shake well and taste the world of Ralphy. A heady cocktail of the surreal and bizarre, this is Undressed to Kill

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