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He had missed calls and he had seemingly missed Wednesday. There have been seven murders in seven days, all of them without witnesses or clues. DCI Marlin enlists the services of Dr Aldous Andrews, a has-been celebrity and now alcoholic psychologist; hoping his previous brilliance will identify the killer. As the two men investigate there are four further murders and the killings of two prostitutes; the latter two accompanied by sick cryptic messages. It would seem that there are two psychopaths on the loose but the two men can only focus on one. Trying to maintain his concentration Andrews is constantly distracted by alcohol which leads to lost days or blackouts. He is also engaged in a masochistic relationship with a young blonde girl called Lara; the close bond between them blurred by his paying for her company. As the two men search, the killer targets Andrews; playing with his fragile psyche and making him question his life. New relationships are forged and old ones tested as the world becomes four walls. A world of ashes and bone.

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